Modern frameless glass shower screen in bathroom

Creating a modern look with frameless glass shower screens for your bathroom renovation


If you are looking for a simple and beautiful way to give your bathroom a modern makeover, a frameless glass shower screen can do just that. This one transformation can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom, giving it a luxurious and contemporary feel without having to do a complete renovation. With their minimalistic design and sleek lines, glass shower screens work well with virtually any bathroom decor style while keeping costs down. There are different shower screen types available, so in this blog, we will discuss how best to choose the one that best suits you.

The big benefits of frameless glass shower screens

Incorporating frameless glass shower screens in your bathroom renovation can really breathe new life into the space. As experienced professionals in home improvement, we have seen over and over just how transformative a frameless glass screen can be as a key element in modern bathroom design. With this sleek and contemporary choice, you instantly create an illusion of spaciousness in your bathroom, even in smaller-sized ones. Their customisable nature allows for a personalised touch in your bathroom, adapting to a variety of architectural styles and dimensions.

These glass screens are also very easy to maintain and keep clean as there are no grooves or corners for dirt, mould or soap scum to accumulate. The durable nature of glass ensures a long-lasting, high-quality finish that will maintain its pristine appearance for a long time to come.

Glass shower screens are also a worthwhile investment in your home. They are incredibly durable, crafted from high-grade materials, and long-lasting. With these advantages, it is evident that prioritising quality in your frameless glass shower screens is a wise decision that will positively impact your daily living and your property's value.

Popular styles & designs for frameless glass shower screens

Modern bathroom with frameless shower screens

Frameless glass shower screens have become increasingly popular in contemporary bathroom designs. One of the most sought-after designs is the clear glass screen. This allows for a feeling of spaciousness, abundant light and the ability to showcase beautiful tiles and fixtures.

Another option is frosted glass. While this still lets the light in, it also provides an element of privacy. You may also be able to have partially frosted glass which can be the best of both worlds.

A third option is to use glass that is patterned or textured as your shower screen. This allows the light through while including a design element that is not dependent on tiles.

Many go with the clear glass or the frosted look and it’s essential to take the overall look of your bathroom into consideration when making this decision.

How to choose the right size & shape of your frameless glass shower screen

Choosing the size and shape of your frameless glass shower screen is crucial to achieving the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality in your bathroom. As professionals in the field, we can help you with this process.

To start with, measure the dimensions of your shower area or how big you’d like it to be. Next, consider your bathroom's overall layout and style; this will help you determine whether to opt for a square, semicircle, or rectangular design.

Consider everyday use - where will you store things like soap and shampoo bottles? Do you want them to be visible? What flow do you need when walking into your bathroom? How can your glass shower screen help this? Is there anything you want to showcase, such as tiles or any other focal point, that you need to keep in mind? Working with a professional here can be very beneficial so reach out if you need a hand.

Ready to start measuring?

Frameless glass shower screens present a fantastic addition to any bathroom renovation. They offer many practical benefits and are easy to clean and maintain, but they also add a modern and sophisticated style. If you’d like a helping hand when it comes to installing one of these stunning showers, then get in touch today. We would love to assist you in transforming your dream bathroom into a reality!

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